Customized Meal Plan



*All meal plans come with a breakdown of macro and micronutrient profile*

*This meal plan will include 30-40 recipes*

Meal planning and prepping is one of my favourite tools to share with clients when they seek new ways to improve their overall health! 

Whether you’re a busy professional that needs healthy, time effective meals and planning, or you’re a family that needs different healthy yet super delicious options and ideas for all members, this plan is absolutely right for you!

When you purchase a customized meal plan, you will receive an intake form that will ask you to fill out questions regarding your favourite foods, aversions, sensitivities/ allergies, foods you’d like to become more acquainted with etc, so that I can tailor it to your exact liking! I will then create a personalized meal plan that fits your health goals while making sure that you incorporate a balance of macronutrients in order to get the most out of your recipes!


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