The Simple 10 Day Reset



This program was created for those who need to quite literally hit ‘Reset’ every now and then without committing to anything too complicated or tedious. This ‘back to basics’ nutrition plan will help to re-establish good habits and general rules of thumb, while saying ‘sayonara’ to ones that don’t serve you!

When I created The Simple 10 Day Reset, I quite literally just wrote down everything that I do, eat and feel when I put myself through this type of program 3-4 times per year. I encourage people to follow and embrace this seasonally as I believe there is something powerful about ending a season, honouring it and leaving it behind, followed by entering a new one recharged and ready to take it on in full force with energy, gratitude and stamina in your corner.

Using simple yet diverse methods, I will teach you the basics of how to support your detox organs and lessen the load we tend to put on them, all while increasing the nutrient density and bioavailability of all your snacks, meals and beverages! Starting with basic knowledge on what goes into truly ‘resetting’, you’ll receive the tools that it takes in order to jump start the seasons, full steam ahead in order to feel your best from increased focus and energy to improved digestion and sleep patterns.

If you can commit 10 days of your life, at this moment, no excuses, you will not only NOT regret it, you’ll also take away aspects of this Reset Program and include it in your daily routine moving forward for months and years to come.

  • Read below carefully:
  • The dietary/ nutrition and lifestyle components of this program are safe for everyone to follow. If you fall under the following categories then please consult your doctor before taking the Liver & G.I Detox supplement portion of The Simple 10 Day Reset.
  • If you are pregnant and breastfeeding you can follow this program but leave out the Liver & G.I detox supplement
  • *Note* If you have a serious liver, kidney, bowel, lymphatic or heart ailment/ disease, please consult your doctor before taking
  • If you are taking medications please consult with your doctor before beginning this program, as some supplements may be contraindicated and increase or decrease efficacy of the medication you are taking


Balanced Vegetarian Meal


Customized meal Plan


Balanced High Fat / Protein Meal Plan


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