Health Reset



When it comes to your overall health, there can be many causes to its decline over time. From past traumas that have been left unhealed and untreated, to foods and unidentified triggers that keep you feeling sick.

In the Complete Health Reset, I help you to uncover and expose problematic areas in your life that need to be adjusted in order to begin your journey towards feeling your best! We will cover diet and nutrition while teaching you ways to incorporate superfoods and remove provoking components and replace then with healthier alternatives. We will go over your current lifestyle and work through areas that could use improvements and alterations in order to make a big difference in your routines while forming new habits. I will give you the tools you need in order to ensure long-term success and sustainability through purposeful accountability and coaching.

Working side by side every step of the way through this 3 month program, we will get to the bottom of all your individualized ailments and begin to heal and rejuvenate your body from the inside out.


  • Initial consultation + assessment
  • (This includes an intake form (to be filled out prior to consulting) along with a 1:1 consultation over ZOOM call)

  • – Supporting your detoxification organs
  • Removing harmful foods, lifestyle and mindset habits
  • Reestablishment of a healthy gut through education of whole foods that are most optimal for you, recommended supplements, full diet and lifestyle plan
  • – 25-30 new recipes every month
  • Follow up and ongoing support and additional personalized coaching
  • – 15 minute weekly check-ins for the first 4 weeks followed by bi-weekly check ins to follow

  • Evaluation of your overall health, diet + lifestyle
  • Here we will discuss your personal goals and the reasoning behind why you want to work together to improve your health and specifically your GUT
  • I will give you immediate take-aways in order to start implementing strategy into your daily routine while I build your custom HEALTH RESET PROTOCOL

  • Breakdown of you ailments + deficiencies, how they affect you on a physiological level/ daily basis and how to overcome them effectively
  • Appropriate supplementation with a chart for usage/ dosage/ timing along with an explanation as to why these specific formulas have been chosen for you
  • BEST foods to consume during your protocol and why
  • Key foods to AVOID during your protocol and why
  • Key lifestyle recommendations that will help you develop proper habits and how to break past ones that may cause poor decisions

  • During this fillow up session (via ZOOM or PHONE) we will:
  • Review + evaluate your current state/ status
  • Discuss progress, challenges and next steps to continue moving forward
  • Accountability and feedback

  • Your custom meals plans will include:
  • Some of your favorite foods that are still acceptable during your 3 month protocol
  • Alternative ingredient/ food ideas for the things that have been temporarily removed
  • New ideas, foods and ingredients to implement into your weekly routine

  • Your custom meals plans will include:
  • Email/text support to answer any of your immediate or urgent questions
  • Educational resources that will further provide you with useful knowledge in order to help you understand your body, your protocol and help you succeed with optimal efficiency.


Balanced Vegetarian Meal


Customized meal Plan


Balanced High Fat / Protein Meal Plan


The Simple 10 Day Reset