CBD Oil Benefits: Worth adding to your self-care routine?

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Self Care, Wellness

CBD oils have key benefits: relieving some pain, stress control, deep quality sleep, and anxiety. Learn about their benefits in my review.

CBD oil has been a buzz subject for quite some time now in the media and considering I’ve given it a true and fair amount of use for over a year now. I thought I would write a blog on this subject to relay my experience and some of the science behind it!

What is CBD Oil?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is considered as the second most common active ingredient of the cannabis plant (marijuana). Researchers are now looking into effective therapeutic uses of CBD.

Let me clear one thing up super quick before I dive in.

True CBD oil is not psychoactive. Meaning, you will not get the high feeling and does not change a person’s state of mind when used as it does not contain any THC. In fact, if it does hint at some effects, it would be very minimal that you will not feel its effects).

Now onto the good stuff.

4 Benefits of Using CBD Oil

Cannabidiol oil is used for a diverse array of reasons and ailments. To explain, below are some of the most common reasons for use:

  • Anxiety/ Depression
  • Stress

  • Sleep
  • Chronic pain/ Inflammation

Anxiety/ Depression:

Since many of us will be affected by anxiety at some point in our lives, this part of the article alone is worth taking a good look at and considering if CBD could be a good integration into your daily routine.

Let’s discuss CBD as an alternative to pharmaceuticals that don’t involve unfortunate side effects such as cognitive dysfunction, constipation, fatigue, weight gain/ loss, decreased libido, etc.

*Note, if you are on medication for anxiety or depression DO NOT stop taking it and replace with CBD, talk to your doctor first*

One of the most known reasons for CBD working against anxiety and depression is the ability to stimulate the 5-HT1A serotonin receptor which in turn stimulates the production of serotonin, resulting in an anti-anxiety, anti-depression effect.

CBD has also been shown to stimulate regeneration of the neurons found in the hippocampus (part of the brain responsible for motivation, learning, emotion, and memory in the same way SSRI’s do, leading to a potential decreased need for medication.

*Do you have a pet that has anxiety? ResolveCBD has lower potency tinctures for them!*  


Chronic stress is caused by an increase of stimulating hormones such as cortisol that put us in a ‘fight or flight state for longer than necessary.

Although we need cortisol for many functions, constant secretion isn’t healthy and can cause downstream effects if it isn’t addressed and corrected.

CBD oil interacts with receptors CB1 and CB2, which are found in the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system and may have a calming effect.

Similar to anxiety, stress can be alleviated by CBD oil by increasing the availability of serotonin, the chemical that boosts mood and overall feeling of wellbeing. 


According to the Sleep Health Foundation, a whopping 1 in 3 adults have mild insomnia. Additionally, the majority of adults will experience mild or severe insomnia at some point in their lives.

Although stress is a huge contributor to sleep issues, there are many other triggers that may not always be top of mind.

A sedentary lifestyle (inactive), too much caffeine or alcohol, smoking, excess screen time & exercising especially close to bedtime, eating late, poor diet, etc. These habits are all problematic on their own, let alone when several of these accumulate together. 

CBD oil works with our body’s natural endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The herbal oil helps to bring & maintain homeostasis in the body to combat outside stressors and other external factors that tend to wreak havoc on our hormones. This results in a much more relaxed state of mind and in turn contribute to more quality and deep sleep. 

Chronic pain/ Inflammation:

Similarly to sleep and anxiety, the reason CBD oil has shown to be effective for chronic and acute pain is the interaction with the ECS and how it can alleviate the intense stimulus effect on pain receptors.

Another main reason that CBD oils have been successful in relieving some pain is due to their anti-inflammatory components that aid in improving immune responses when it comes to injury. 

CDB OIL Review

My personal experience with Resolve CBD has been nothing short of wonderful.

Their full-spectrum 1000mg CBD oil has helped me achieve some of the best nights of sleep and has kept my pain and inflammation at bay following a bad injury.

I have and will continue to use and recommend their oils and pain cream for years to come!

Word cloud of benefits of using CBD oil includes relaxing, stress, sleep disorders, anxiety, pain relief, depression, multiple sclerosis, anti-inflammatory, epilepsy.

What CBD is right for me?

It is incredibly important to be locating a reputable source of CBD products.

I have used ResolveCBD for well over a year now as it is full-spectrum (contains all the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant and is considered most beneficial) and hemp-derived (non-psychoactive due to its low amounts of THC present).

Use the code: RESOLVEKELSEY for a discount on all products www.resolvecbd.ca


Because CBD oil does not have intoxicating effects, that is you cannot overdose on the product.

This being said, it is possible to take too large of a dose resulting in nausea or fatigue.

Therefore it is important to start small and use a reputable company that comes with mL amount on the dropper provided.

Start by taking 0.5-1mL day one sublingually (under the tongue) and hold for at least 30 seconds.

Depending on what you’re using it for, this will determine the time of day to take it.

For anxiety, it can be taken during the day at any time.

For sleep, take it 20 minutes before bed.

It can take several days for the effects of CBD oil to be noticed, so do not be discouraged if it cannot be felt right away. After 1-3 weeks, you may adjust your dosage according to your unique metabolic system. 

While these recommendations may not work for everyone, keep in mind, dosages vary between individuals and depend on factors such as:

  • reason for using CBD Oil
  • body weight
  • the concentration of the product


More individuals are growing interest in adding CBD Oil products into their self-care routines as a therapy.

Among the many benefits of using these oils are relieving some pain, stress control, deep quality sleep, and anxiety.

Resolve CBD has helped me experience the best nights of sleep, which is an important part of my healthy lifestyle of mine.


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