Fresh Buddha Power Bowl

by | Dec 4, 2021 | Bowls, Recipes

Making a healthy and delicious meal from scratch can sometimes feel daunting… like… where do I start?! I like to encourage people to keep several staples on hand so that when you’re feeling uninspired, you can turn to a bowl like this and it will be everything you never knew you wanted, and more!

This bowl has been a MAJOR staple in my back pocket since I can remember, with loads of healthy fat, fibre, protein and quality carbs (I say quality because I do not consider most processed carbs to be ‘quality)…

Although (surprisingly) people still tend to tread lightly around avocado due to their fat content, I’m here to tell you that this fruit contains GOOD fat, the fat that lowers bad cholesterol, and raises good cholesterol. Some of the other many digestible reasons that you need fat on a daily basis is to help absorb fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K). Fat helps you feel satiated so you are less likely to overeat and will keep your blood sugar stable to avoid the rise and crash.

If you wanted to make this bowl completely keto friendly, you could take out the chickpeas, and replace them with something like cucumbers or peppers!

Considering this bowl is PACKED with flavours, I’ve kept the dressing very simple to just olive oil and lemon! Salad dressings don’t always need to be complicated, and when you get a great quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), the taste is already so potent, that all you need is some beautiful acidity to balance out the whole meal. Of course topped with some pink or sea salt and pepper!

Prep Time
5 minutes
Total Time
10 min

Ingredients-1 Servings

  • 1 large handful or arugula or spinach (I used arugula)
  • ½ an avocado
  • ¼ cup of diced kalamata olives (I use Farmboy)
  • ⅓ cup rinsed and drained chickpeas (I use Eden or Farmboy usually)
  • 2 tsp crumbled feta
  • 3-4 large grape tomatoes cut into 4’s)
  • 2-3 tbsp EVOO
  • ½ lemon
  • Salt and pepper to taste


Step 1: Place greens into a bowl and top with EVOO

Step 2: Cut avocado in half, peel the skin off, place the whole avo face down and slice evenly and place into the bowl

Step 3: Remove ¼ cup diced kalamata olives from jar, and place into the bowl

Step 4: Place 2 tsp feta into the bowl

Step 5: Cut grape tomatoes in ¼ and place in the bowl

Step 6: Rinse chickpeas from a can, measure ⅓ cup and place the rest in an airtight container and keep in the fridge up to 2 days

Step 7: Cut lemon in half and use one half to squeeze on top of the whole bowl

Step 8: Add salt and pepper and ENJOY!

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Kelsey McKibbon CNP, NNCP

Ever since I was a young girl, making health and wellness a top priority has always come to naturally to me. When I started my Clinical Nutrition practice years ago, I knew that by incorporating and focusing on diet and overall nutrition, as well as encompassing and creating new habits in the lifestyle department, that long-lasting, sustainable change could take place and set in a beautiful path to success. I approach everyday life with a balanced mindset and take pride in educating my clients on how to live a healthy and fulfilling life that makes them feel empowered, strong, and mindful.

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